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Crypto art sings a new song as Groovecoin and The tulip factory prepare to take on the nft space

Neal Soley’s self-branded The Tulip Factory blurs fine art with elements of graffiti.  Heavy influences of abstract expressionism and pop art create the looping style that is consistent throughout Soley’s Tulip Factory work, which ranges from fine art paintings to limited edition clothing drops. The most recent and some can say the most exciting pivot Neal is doing is pivoting the core style into the NFT market. A couple of strategic partnerships with some fantastic people and companies are about to create magic and make an imprint in the NFT space.

The Tulip Factory’s continual production of fine art goods, in a multitude of mediums, led to the production of NFT’s.  As a new blockchain community member, Soley’s collaborative work nature quickly linked The Tulip Factory with Groovecoin. Groovecoin is a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals who are leaders in their respectable fields. Nicholas Peoni leads the wave as the glue of this group, while Alex Mamutin of Branded Book is the marketing director.  Many more participating members are to be announced in upcoming news. Groovecoin is structuring to become a platform for artists to gain notoriety through collaboration; the group has joined efforts to create awareness of the viability blockchain markets create for all artists. Combining the valuable resources within Groovecoin members and the trending NFT market will allow artists who are part of this group to gain more visibility and exposure, creating revenue for a struggling industry.

Initial collaborations feature musical and physical elements that are obtainable upon purchase of the particular NFT.  Working alongside various artists, The Tulip Factory and Groovecoin are ready to lead by example in this exciting new workspace.  Branded Book has been looking to diversify its marketing efforts into the NFT space and has done a few Publications in the space already. Alex Mamutin has already worked with female artists who are disrupting the NFT space and a jewellery line, and a group that is one of the originators of the concept dating four years back to 2017. The opportunity to work with a project like Groovecoin and talented artists like Neal Soley is just what the PR agency has been looking for and will continue to make announcements of all the progress.

Be on the lookout for releases, announcements, and amazing unique art from many members involved.

Published by Branded Book

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