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David Kennedy: The mind and soul behind “Louddpax.”

Excelling as a distinct dopest cannabis essential and clothing brands in Las Vegas, Louddpax is all here to enthral you to the core. 

Clothing industry has grown remarkably over the past few decades. Especially the young minds are coming with tremendous talent and creativity catering to the world. Their artistic skills has amazed everyone, even to those who have already achieved massive success in the industry. They go with a flow or else they itself create a trend which people follow! As clothing industry is the one which keeps on changing its trends very fast, so to cope-up with trend and market, one must have a good market strategy and a sharp vision to go smoothly to gain success. Have a glance on one such master of clothing industry – David Kennedy, his artistic skills always pours satisfaction and happiness to his customers. 

This young talent has attained massive success at very young age of 34. The owner of ‘LOUDDPAX A LIFESTYLE BRAND’ track down at Las Vegas, NV. David came across the idea of louddpax from the cannabis culture of Humboldt Country ca and then later, he bought to Las Vegas. His brand is his home, where he works hard to create something very unique, his strong determination leads his brand for two nominations this year, no doubt that his brand will surely receive the tag of best clothing brand of the year as per cannabis cup awards by Las Vegas and also an entrepreneur of the year for his outstanding service. 

David Kennedy has propelled himself into a well-known personality because of his artistic skills of designing clotheswhich stands apart. He is diligently working hard on his future plan to expand his brand in other states as well. As his brand has all the forms of set ups, bongs pipes, clothing. His brand is also releasing their cannabis line to dispensaries in Las Vegas and also in surrounding area of Nevada. David has successfully developed a special niche for himself with more than 13 years of experience in cannabis industry. His experience, hard work, creativity, consistency does wonders for him and helps to achieve his target of progress with efficiency in his work. 

The Louddpax is growing rapidly and is expanding to Oklahoma this year and in other states in recent times. He has very strong background and rapport with many stakeholders resulting in bigcollaborations in the industry including Jardin dispensary and Packwoods Las Vegas.

Taking his cannabis lifestyle brand to next level with tremendous momentum gearing up within the markets, David Kennedy continues to hustle hard to excel and consistently raise the bar for performance. Do follow him on Instagram @louddpax.

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