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Connor Morgan Huff Bio & More!

A diverse and experienced black entrepreneur Connor Morgan Huff is the founder of Bare Root Remedy, a holistic wellness company that focuses on helping people heal from the inside out through high-quality herbal products. Bare Root Remedy focuses on providing natural, organic, and plant-based “medicine”. Her products are vegan and cruelty-free, using natural ingredients to foster “happy healthy healing”. Connor is a big believer that true change with anything in life starts from within. This is the reason why Bare Root has a unique way to help people in their journey towards healing themselves from the inside out. Making a difference in people- le’s life is only one of the many things in Connor’s exciting and on-the-go life. She is much more than your average entrepreneur, her background is nothing short of astonishingly diverse, in every way possible.

Connor is a multi-talented individual who uses her creativity, knowledge, and passion for pursuing a wide variety of interests in her life and career. Connor is a private jet flight attendant, as well as a sports nutritionist. Her vision is to help people live their best life, and pursue what she is passionate about in the process.

As you might assume, the private airline industry is very competitive, but this hasn’t stopped Connor from establishing herself in this sought-after profession. With her kind manners and professionalism, she is often very sought-after and knows how to make people feel at home while flying. Her work as a flight attendant also helped Connor widen her horizons, physically and metaphorically speaking. Traveling is an excellent

 way to gain a broader perspective on life. She has earned the privilege of traveling for a living, who would’ve thought? Con- nor is a rare individual who successfully took on a broad range of professional interests, mastering every single one of them.

Connor has the amazing opportunity to travel throughout the world and run her own business, carrying her knowledge and love of health and wellness wherever she goes. Connor grew up in San Jose, California, but eventually earned her double major in business and communications from San Luis Obis- PO’s Cal Poly. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles, where she attended college and continues to live there. In addition to her flight attendant job and sports nutrition work, she is also a fitness model and the founder of Bare Root Remedy, as mentioned earlier. This company enables her to travel throughout the world and help millions of people in the process. Being a well-traveled person with such an amazing wealth of expertise and knowledge, Connor will also soon be able to add “published author to her resume.” Recently, she penned a book named “If You Only Knew,” which will be available by the end of summer. It’s not surprising that she has inspired many, and she loves to use writing to relate to others and share her experiences and abilities with her audience.

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