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Taking successful women entrepreneurs and professionals to greater success through her website “Success Bullying” is Tera Carissa Hodges.

Helping successful people fight slander, Success Bullying is gradually earning more respect and recognition with its coaching methodology.

There are a set of people who only focus on bettering themselves as professionals and individuals, learn something new each day and push the envelope for making it huge in their chosen industries, while there are some others who only believe in questioning someone else’s merits and successes and feel envious of the success people create for themselves. It is quite easy to be a part of the latter category that in many ways promotes the concept of success bullying, which is about bullying successful people and viciously taking credit for their success or even discrediting what they have achieved in life. Who are these people, after all? Well, Tera Carissa Hodges, who founded her leading website ‘Success Bullying’, says that jealousy has a creative imagination; people who are jealous and envious of others always believe in something bad about people, even if it is a lie. From here, it germinates success bullying where people try to belittle and spread the nastiest rumours as pure success assassins.

Success Bullying, her website is all about normalizing seeing women as successful and reinstalling their faith in their dreams and efforts to turn more successful with their endeavours by empowering them with the right coaching methodologies and addressing the bullying tactics that Career bullies use on them. Offering the best of solutions through her website, Tera Carissa Hodges says that people will have to change toxic people’s ability to reach them by blocking them and not responding to them, take out time for positive ways to address the toxicity they have encountered, not let accusations deter them, and set higher goals in every area of life to focus on achieving much more success. Success Bullying has emerged as a true winner and a contemporary approach to career bullies. It has become noteworthy as an accountability practice for A-level entrepreneurs. It helps them realize their true worth, making them believe they are beyond the slander they face and are worth much more in life.

It is time to normalize seeing black women ace the game of business and other fields, achieving their desired success. The Success Bullying website by Tera Carissa Hodges makes this possible.To learn more, do follow its website,

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