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Louisiana Artist BaggLo is exploding after only his 3rd month out. Over 400k streams on Spotify and 1m plus on SoundCloud

BaggLo was born Johnell Howard III in LaPlace, Louisiana right outside the city of New Orleans. He went to East St. John High School and graduated……. Now, I want to go to southern university of Baton Rouge where he started to freestyle battle rap. He played drums in the band.

That’s where he gets his crazy rhythm from. He also made music with a group called Joasin Life ENT. Before going on to do his own thing, a few incidents would occur with the law that landed BaggLo in jail for a while stopping his music career. After getting in trouble with the law in Louisiana he decided he would move to Denver Colorado where he has now started his new rap career.

After  dropping his first song late February (Ain’t Like That) BaggLo streams have been off the charts, to say the least he has not been signed by any major label yet. Check out his Spotify and SoundCloud where all his songs are basically starting to go viral. You can see the Feedback everyone loves his new style of music. 

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