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Kelsey Nicole Says:“Diverting My Energy Back To Growing My Businesses Has Been Therapeutic For Me”.

“ I’m Re-Focused, Refined and Ready To Move Forward “.

Kelsey Nicole has built a firm foundation in Artist Management & Relations over the last decade by way of KN Management where she serves as Founder & CEO. As a Multi-Talented Woman and Entrepreneur she’s definitely not to be boxed into one lane. You can expect to see her many business and creative ventures come into fruition as she explores her many gifts and talents over the next few years to come.

Kelsey adds:
“Over the recent years, I’ve been publicly and genuinely selfless. I’ve put my own dreams, aspirations and career on the back burner for far too long and for far too many. Due to the lack of Reciprocity I’ve suffered Mentally, Emotionally and Contrary to what the narrative has been, even Physically.

“Re-Focusing has been therapeutic for me and I plan to soar in the midst of what feels like a battle that I’m not yet allowed to defend myself in due to the legalities involved. However, I will tell my story on my own terms, when I can. On a lighter note, I’m looking forward to continuing to nurture my healthy relationships both personal and business related as I get back to work!”

Media Maven Chadd Black recently told YAHOO News: “She’s going through more than what most people could handle, gracefully. Her comeback will be the real “Story” you’d want to be tuned into!”

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