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Q+ A With Rahal Cherif

We spoke to Rahal Cherif, a blogger from Algeria, about menswear trends and what inspires him. 

You can find him on Instagram @rahal1cherif and across all social media platforms with the same name.

1- How and when did you become interested in menswear?

Since birth, I’ve always loved fashion / menswear. 

2- Who and what inspires you? 

Everything, look around there is so much beauty and miracles everywhere it’s impossible not to be inspired.

3- What do you think some of the upcoming trends are going to be?

I see a 70’s trend that I’m not crazy about but “C’est la vie”. Also fatigue patterns / color palettes and hats which are always fun! 

4- How many shoes do you own?

A TON … Ugh this is something I haven’t been able to downsize, and mostly are boots 

I just love how versatile they are.

5- How would you describe your fashion aesthetic? 

Simple, classic, my aesthetic is rooted in what I would like to think is elegant timelessness with a bit of a spin.

6- What advice would you give men just becoming interested in fashion and beginning to define their style? 

Find your style and stick with it. You can incorporate trends or try new looks but stay true to who you are and always feel comfortable in your presentation. Take your time to learn – not just about what works for you but also why it works.  One becomes less likely to be swayed by what magazines etc., tell you that you should be wearing.  Then invest in the classics first like a well fitted dark denim jeans a white shirt.

7- If you had to name one thing, what would be your favorite thing in your wardrobe right now? 

my valentino ankle boots.

8- How would you define Algeria’s fashion scene? 

Eclectic and GROWING. Algeria is so diverse and filled with opportunity for the next big thing. Plus, lately getting a lot of attention from international brands and the marketplace. 

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