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Kevin lenny moving to a successful music career with his unique voice , style and lyrics

My name is Kevin Dylan Feunang , popularly known as Kevin lenny on social media , I started singing very young before even learning how to stand on my feet or walk , I remember my mum telling me how I spend hours listening to music and trying to sing why other kids usually watch cartoons . 

When I reached secondary school my Dad sent me to a Borden school called Cpc Bali where I got into a choir , even tho very shy , people loved being around me just for me to sing to them 

At the age of 14 my dad gifted me a guitar , I used the power of internet to learn the basics , to learn how to play , which really helped me to to increase the love I had for music , and thinking of building a career in it 

When I was finishing secondary school I had won already a lot of music competitions such as mtn music , I started shinning in the eyes of the public . 

At the age of 21 I moved to riga latvia for studies of Economics and management international in Riga technical university, few months later I heard of an international call X factor where I participated and ended up in finals , this was a great change for me 

So later I started building my own record label called Wonder music entertainment and started going round the country for shows where I was wanted to perform and on the 22 of November 2019 I had my own concert which really went well in riga Latvia . I became famous in riga latvia and a friend of mine called Felipe Gabriel who is also an influencer and very known in riga took a video of me and shared to his producer Daniel who has his own  record label called World wide record in order to feature me on that song , after listing to the song the producer also decided to produce me , so on December 2020 I signed my first record deal with World wide record and I am preparing my first single which is suppose to come out soon and featuring famous musicians such as @makassy , @felipegabriel  just to name a few

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