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Real Estate investor and former FFK CEO lost a bet… big bet

life is going perfect for the 24-year-old Real Estate investor and former Fifty Karats CEO Faisal Alenezi . He was making headlines in the entrepreneurship press — having very successful business and investment — and his professional skills were rated highly by his clients.

The money wasn’t lost on a deal gone wrong, a bad investment, or a plunge in the stock market — but to three of the big online betting agencies for super bowl event.

The total was more than $250,000, betting on  chiefs to win against buccaneers yesterday’s game.

Indicating in his social media that the experience of his first time at the super bowl was worth it, “ But I got to experience it with my friends forever grateful!! “ Faisal

Faisal is known for his success and accomplishments surpass his age In fashion and real estate business.

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