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Actor and Model, Niko Gunn (NK3) stars in upcoming movie titled “Envy” directed by Elijah Garcia , along with co-star DJ Battle

The production of the film begins on February 27th, 2021. Two brothers named Cain and Able are high school track athletes who obtain animosity between each other as siblings and as athletes. Cain is jealous of Able’s superior talents and abilities with everyone giving him love. However, Cain stops at nothing to make sure his name and voice is heard, emerging himself from his more successful brother’s shadow. The cast & crew have had rehearsals for the movie recently and we are all waiting to see Elijah Garcia’s vision on screen when “Envy” finally releases !Follow Niko Gunn, DJ Battle, and Elijah Garcia on Instagram for more details and updates on the “Envy” movie.


@nk3_venom – Niko Gunn

@slyezy – DJ Battle 

@_egfilms – Elijah Garcia

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