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Puppy commemorated as “Deputy Dog” by Florida Sheriff.

A four-month-old puppy was attacked by an alligator; its owner dived into the water and rescued him. The puppy was honored under the Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol.  

Key points:

1. Florida Sheriff commemorates an alligator attack survivor puppy, with “Deputy Dog”.

2. Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol program inspires pet owners to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

3. Puppy’s owner dived in the water to save it from the alligator. 

4-month-old puppy honored with the title of “Deputy Dog”.

A 4-month-antique Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is now a Florida sheriff’s workplace “Deputy Dog” after being rescued from an alligator that dragged him underwater. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office commemorated the doggy, named Gunner, in a December eight rite that noticed it named a “safety and protection officer.”

Alligator attacked puppy; owner rescues it from the claws of death: 

Just a month earlier, the tiny doggy was locked withinside the jaws of an alligator that pulled him into the pond in his family’s backyard. Gunner’s owner, Richard Wilbanks, advised the media in an earlier interview that, they have been simply out taking walks with the aid of using the pond and the alligator got here out of the water like a missile, and then he jumped into the water to keep his puppy. Thanks to Wilbanks, Gunner survived with the best one puncture wound on his belly. His dad’s hands, however, have been in worse form and wanted to go to the doctor.

Florida dog rescued from alligator becomes sheriff's deputy |

Florida Sheriff’s office has boosted Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol program:

Citizens and their pets are recruited by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol application to function network lookouts whilst out on their everyday walk. The application encourages puppy proprietors to preserve a watch out for suspicious hobby whilst they are out taking walks with their pets. They also are requested to file animal abuse in their neighborhoods and assist the sheriff’s workplace to prevent it. The sheriff’s workplace stated on Facebook that Gunner’s tenacity and combat for survival show he is the ideal candidate because of the Safety and Security Officer for Deputy Dogs.

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