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Amid reports of underage abuse, Pornhub takes down 9 million videos.

Pornhub comes out strong against the videos which featured underage subjects, and will now only allow verified users to post adult videos.

Key points:

1. Finding out the use of underage subjects in adult content, Pornhub decided to remove many videos.

2. Now, only verified members will be able to upload adult content on Pornhub.

3. Pornhub’s videos fall to 4 million from 13 million, on its website.

Pornhub takes down millions of videos from its website:

Pornhub has eliminated tens of thousands and thousands of motion pictures that featured underage subjects, at the side of sufferers of sex-trafficking. This comes in after Visa and Mastercard reduce ties with the internet site after a New York Times file found out what number of irrelevant and unlawful motion pictures had been circulating at the internet site, many presenting minors.

New York Times’ report compels Pornhub to ban videos from unverified customers:

Due to this, Pornhub has eliminated the bulk of its content material and now prohibits unverified customers from posting content material at the internet site. In addition to disposing of unlawful motion pictures, Pornhub is withinside the system of disposing of motion pictures that had been uploaded via way of means of unverified customers.

The total number of videos on Pornhub’s site goes down to 4 million from 13 million:

Announcing the pass in a weblog post, the employer stated that it’s far consequently disposing of all content material emanating from unverifiable assets even as chiding mega social media corporations like Facebook and Twitter for his or her incapability to do the same. Soon after the elimination system began, the number of motion pictures at the internet site went from thirteen million to simply four million, in keeping with a file via way of means of Motherboard.

Urgent action needed as rise in porn site traffic raises abuse fears, say  MPs | Pornography | The Guardian

New regulation may harm sex workers’ earnings:

Even though it’s a step withinside the proper route to slashing underage content material, it’ll additionally damage intercourse workers, who use structures like Pornhub to make a dwelling throughout the pandemic.

For the first time since its launch, Pornhub will only permit videos from verified users:

This is the primary time because of the release of Pornhub in 2007 that the handiest validated content material will come to be at the site.To come to be validated, a Pornhub person wishes to put up an image of themselves with a chunk of paper bearing their username. Once validated, customers can monetize their motion pictures.

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