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Japan: Residents vote out a female counselor who accused the Mayor of a sexual assault.

The only female councilor faced the wrath of locals who perceived her as degrading women, by accusing the Mayor of a small city of sexual assault.

Key points:

1. A female councilor in central Japan voted out after accusing the mayor of sexual assault.

2. Residential referendum out votes female councilor with 92% majority for degrading the women in the Kusatsu.

3. Japan’s power and sexism regime has often been criticized.

4. Shoko Arai as a council is a waste of taxpayer’s money: opinion.

The female councilor, who alleged Mayor of sexual attack in Japan, vote out:

Residents of a small city in central Japan have overwhelmingly voted to eliminate the neighborhood council’s simplest girl member after she accused the mayor of a sexual attack. Shoko Arai, 51, turned voted out on Sunday in Kusatsu, that’s well-known for its herbal warm springs and resorts. The dismissal request claimed Arai’s allegations had “degraded” the girls of the Gunma prefecture city. 

Shoko Arai voted out with a whopping majority of 92%:

In total, 92% of votes lodged demanded her removal, in line with Kusatsu officials. The controversy commenced in November last year whilst Arai posted an ebook claiming she has been pressured right into a sexual courting with the city’s mayor, Tadanobu Kuroiwa.

Japan Politician Voted Out After Accusing Mayor Of Sexual Assault | News  Break

19-citizen led group catapulted the residential referendum to chuck female councilor out:

A movement to fire the mayor turned into voted down, and Arai turned into expelled from the meeting a month later. However, the expulsion turned into an appeal and in the end reversed through the prefecture. After she turned into reinstated, a collection of nineteen citizens led through council chairman Takashi Kuroiwa despatched a dismissal request to the council, prompting the residential referendum that unseated Arai’s ultimate weekend.

The dismissal request stated that the female councilor was a waste of taxpayer’s money:

The dismissal request additionally claimed that Arai’s statements to the media approximately the attack allegations had harm Kusatsu’s reputation. It pointed to numerous unique comments Arai had made, along with ones that city girls were “dealt with like objects,” and that girls frequently have become mistresses to effective male lodge proprietors to benefit privileges. The request mentioned that the mayor had denied the allegations, and Arai’s earnings as a council member turned into a “waste” of taxpayer money.

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