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Suspected Boko Haram attack on Nigeria’s village kills 43.

Villagers dug graves of 43 people after Islamic militants mount a gruesome attack on Nigeria’s Zabarmari village.

Key points:

  1. Villagers in Nigeria’s Borno State bury 43 people killed in a deadly attack by Islamic militants.
  2. Militants behead 30 people in a gruesome attack in the village of Nigeria’s Zabarmari. 
  3. No group has yet taken the responsibility of the terrorist attack in Nigeria, but authorities believe the involvement of Boko Haram.
  4. Nigerian president mourns the brutal attack and says that it has aggrieved the whole of the nation.

Villagers dug graves of 43 people killed in a Boko Haram terrorist attack in Nigeria:

After one of the deadliest killings, villagers in northeast Nigeria’s Borno kingdom buried almost forty three farmers who had been killed through suspected Islamist militants. The villagers dug graves for forty three sufferers and laid them down, even as the neighborhood safety forces endured their look for dozens of lacking villagers.

Militants behead 30 men in a gruesome attack:

30 guys had been beheaded withinside the assault and the locals are fearing 70 humans lifeless withinside the assault that began out on Saturday morning withinside the village of Zabarmari.

Death toll rises to 110 after Boko Haram militants attack village in Nigeria,  UN says | Daily Sabah

Mourners come together on the killing of 43 men:

No organization has claimed the assault, as of now. However, it’s miles being handled as an act through Boko Haram or the Islamic State West Africa Province — corporations who’ve been growing troubles withinside the place withinside the beyond few months. Dozens of mourners surrounded the lifeless our bodies which had been positioned on timber pallets and wrapped in white burial shrouds. The villagers chanted prayers for the lifeless which had been led through the clerics.

Nigerian president says the nation is hurt:

The assailants slit throats after tying the villagers withinside the agricultural fields, in the village of Koshobe. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari stated that the attack has hurt the whole nation and condemned the killings.

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