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China alleges the US of creating chaos in Asia-Pacific.

China stated that the US National Security Advisor’s comments about the South China Sea conflict were unreasonable.

Key points:

1. China alleges the US to instigate tensions in the Asia-Pacific.

2. US advisor Robert O’Brien pledged support to Vietnam and the Philippines over the South China Sea conflict.

3. The US has been sending warships in the disputed area of the South China Sea.

US National Security Advisor accused of creating chaos in the Asia-Pacific by China:

China has accused US of attempting to “create chaos” withinside the Asia-Pacific, an afternoon after US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, on the go to to the Philippines, subsidized nations in maritime disputes with China and accused Beijing of the usage of army strain to similarly its personal interests. During his ride to Manila, O’Brien advised the Philippines and Vietnam, each nation in disputes with Beijing cowl the South China Sea that they’ve were given your back. He additionally reiterated the United States’ dedication to self-dominated Taiwan.

China state that O’Brien’s response was unreasonable:

China stated his feedback was “unreasonable” and exaggerated local tensions. China claims nearly the whole South China Sea beneath neath its so-known as nine-sprint line and over the last few years has constructed army installations on numerous disputed reefs and outcrops notwithstanding a worldwide courtroom docket ruling that determined the line – which overlaps with claims with the aid of using the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia – illegal. The Philippines took its case to The Hague after a 2-month standoff with Chinese fishing vessels over Scarborough Shoal in 2014 and the courtroom docket dominated years later that, beneath neath the UN Convention at the Law of the Sea, the Philippines had extraordinary rights to the sources inside 370.4km (two hundred nautical miles) of its coast.

The US has sent warships in the South China Sea:

The ruling has now no longer deterred China, which has endured to construct bases withinside the sea, at the same time as the United States has again and again despatched warships thru the location to spotlight freedom of navigation in one of the world’s busiest buying and selling routes.

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