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Muslim leaders in France, given a “Republican values” ultimatum by Macron.

Macron issued fresh guidelines to crack down on radical Islamists, with harsher punishments including jail time. 

Key points:

1. Emmanuel Macron urges Muslim leaders to accept the Republican values of France.

2. Macron gives a 15-day ultimatum to the French Council of the Muslim Faith.

3. France’s crackdown on Islamist radicalization continues with new guidelines.

Islam is a faith, not a political movement, says Macron:

French President Emmanuel Macron has requested Muslim leaders to just accept a “constitution of Republican values” as a part of an extensive crackdown on radical Islam. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) was given a 15-day ultimatum to just accept the constitution by Macron on Wednesday. It states that Islam is a faith and now no longer a political movement, at the same time as additionally prohibiting “overseas interference” in Muslim groups.

Macron and Interior Minister meet CFCM leaders to introduce fresh guidelines:

It follows 3 suspected Islamist assaults in little greater than a month. Mr Macron has strongly defended French secularism withinside the wake of the assaults, which blanketed the beheading of an instructor who confirmed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad at some point of a category dialogue remaining month. Late on Wednesday, 8 CFCM leaders met Macron and the Interior Minister of France, at the Élysée Palace. The CFCM representatives additionally agreed to create a National Council of Imams.

France's Macron issues 'Republican values' ultimatum to Muslim leaders -  BBC News

Parents who fail to send their children to a school may face 6 months in jail:

President Macron has additionally introduced new measures to address what he called “Islamist separatism” in France. The measures consist of a wide-ranging invoice that seeks to save you radicalization. It changed into unveiled on Wednesday and consists of measures including regulations on home-training and harsher punishments for people who intimidate public officers on spiritual grounds. Each toddler could receive an identity range beneath neath the regulation that might be used to make sure they may be attending school. Parents who wreck the regulation may want to face up to 6 months in prison in addition to big fines.

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