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Snob Concierge Jetting Off Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry

As they always say, Snob Concierge will truly do anything for their clients. It was just announced that the world-renown concierge service had one of their celebrity clients request a multi-million dollar piece of jewelry ($4.3 million to be exact) to get to them by this evening. Of course the team over at Snob Concierge got to work right away on this and secured the piece of jewelry last minute due to their insider connections in the jewelry industry.

In the meantime, booking a private jet and security guards to watch over the jewelry were scheduled for the next flight out of Los Angeles. We are assuming the jet was headed to New York City as many of their celebrity clients are based there. This type of last minute request comes to Snob Concierge quite often, why? Because their clients are perfectly aware of Snob Concierge’s incredible ability to make just about anything happen whenever and wherever. We’re hoping the jet and gorgeous piece of jewelry make into the hands of the celebrity client safely and quickly! Another impressive accomplishment for the Snob Concierge team.

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