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Pence-Harris clash over the Coronavirus, in the VP Debate 2020.

In the 90 minute VP debate, both sides had good and bad moments; Pence expressed his shock over the killing of George Floyd but also condemned the riots.

The US Vice-Presidential Debate turned out to be a fiery affair, as Kamala Harris and Mike Pence clashed over the coronavirus. Democrat Kamala Harris accused Donald Trump of being the worst President in the history of the US. Vice-President Mike Pence alleged Democrats’ pandemic plan amounted to “plagiarism”. Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads Mr. Trump with 26 days to visit the vote.

A fly lands on Mike Pence’s head, during the VP Debate:

Opinion polls imply the Republican president is trailing with the aid of using single digits in a handful of battleground states to be able to determine who wins. This turned into a civil debate among easy communicators as compared to the final week’s belligerent showdown among Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden. Mr. Pence did now no longer interrupt as a good deal because of the president’s final week, however, whilst he did Ms. Harris interjected: “Mr. Vice-President, I’m speaking, I’m speaking.” Indeed, the viral second on Wednesday night time that was regarded to create the maximum buzz turned into a fly touchdown on Mr. Pence’s head and last there for a few minutes.

VP debate 2020: Pence and Harris clash on coronavirus pandemic - BBC News

Harris-Pence engage in a war of words over Trump’s administration handling of the Coronavirus:

But there have been heated exchanges. The debate took place, in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah , where Ms. Harris accused Mr. Pence and the president of intentionally keeping Americans in dark regarding the gravity of coronavirus. Mr. Pence alleged the Biden-Harris marketing campaign of copying the White House’s pandemic strategy, alluding to a blunder that ended Mr. Biden’s 1987 run for the presidency whilst he plagiarized a speech with the aid of using then-British Labour chief Neil Kinnock. Both applicants had sturdy moments, and some stumbles, over the path of the 90-minute affair. But as some distance as lasting recollections go, they have been few and some distance among.

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