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Climbing up the ladder of success in the every changing IT world is Rohit Kolhapure.

Rohit has been consistently innovating in the tech industry with his company Milescube to sustain & grow its position as a global leader.

The pandemic has driven businesses to employ technology to reinvent practically every aspect of their operations, from healthcare to education to finance to manufacturing. While COVID’s influence has been challenging for all business owners in various ways, it has also brought with it certain evident but frequently neglected opportunities. Most notably, by educating themselves through research, action, and relationships, it may have taught entrepreneurs how to think creatively, research ideas, and grow their businesses in new ways. It changed the lives and careers of millions of people, encouraging them to think creatively about what came next. However, just a few success stories were able to build out a sense of stability, while others flipped to new occupations, took significant risks, or experimented with new ones. Rohit Kolhapure is one among them. Who With all of his technical acumen at his disposal, went ahead and believed in his visions, spotting chances in this pandemic to pave the road for the IT world’s prosperity.

Considering his conservative background, a “high ambition to grow mentality” has propelled him to the top. He comes from a small town in India, and even though belonging to a middle class family, he has always had high dreams. He goes on to explain his past, noting that anything related to the tech business has always sparked his interest, and he has always aspired to be at the top of the IT industry. As a result, he was convinced that he would enter the realm of information technology and endeavor to carve out a niche for himself in this field because of his passion for technology. He also anticipated that the pandemic would act as a catalyst for the IT industry, which is exactly what happened.

He is the founder of a well-known IT company called “Milescube,” which specializes in technological and IT-related services such as mobile application development, product engineering, cloud computing, system infrastructure, network design, web technology and so on. Milescube’s IT services can be classified based on the expertise required to provide the service (design, build, run). Technically, these are divided into three main groups: business process services, application services, and infrastructure services. The finest aspect is that Milescube considers every tiny detail to ensure the system runs smoothly and responsively and uses a novel approach called ‘Minified Technology’ to secure and build customer databases.

To know more, follow Rohit on Instagram @imrohitkolhapure.

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