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How Leaf Remedys is Creating a Fertile Market for the Future of CBD

In 2020, the USA saw an overall increase in Cannabis sales by a whopping 67%. Moreover, the year marked a significant boost for cannabis support, with 68% of the population standing in favor of legal cannabis. Leaf Remedys- a premium supplier for CBD products in the country- was founded in the same year, creating significant ripples of change within the industry with their revolutionary marketing techniques.

As long-standing consumers of the legal CBD market, the founders were aware of how most CBD suppliers were inconsistent with the quality and costs of their products. In addition, they had always been sincere proponents of medical CBD and wished to make the market much more accessible than tradition allowed it to be. Taking a ‘Do it Yourself’ approach- they eventually discovered a farm in Colorado producing high-quality hemp, and from then on, became significant suppliers of CBD-based products themselves.

Today Leaf Remedys offers CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD topicals, CBD capsules, and CBD pet products to people all over the country. Their company has seen exponential growth within one year, and the founders majorly attribute it to their intensive marketing and unmatched low costs. “We want to make everyone aware that CBD products don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.” The founders claim. 

Unlike most CBD brands, Leaf Remedys doesn’t employ the CO2 extraction method to extract their hemp. Instead, the company uses the sub-zero extraction method to preserve the terpenes of the hemp. The founders take great pleasure in knowing that their services have provided immense relief to many people suffering from anxiety, arthritis, sleep deprivation, and pain. They claim that this knowledge has been their prime motivator in the journey even as they faced numerous obstacles.

They mention that it had always been challenging to find relevant traffic in the business right from the start. The internet, in general, is full of too many websites and advertising content- making visibility and brand outreach a tricky affair. At the same time, many traditional marketplaces don’t allow room for the advertisement of CBD providers. However, they haven’t minded tackling these challenges, and so far, things have more or less worked out in their favor.

The founders further claim that their main aim is to educate people about CBD and its importance in the wellness sector. “Even if a potential consumer decided to go with a competitor after learning about CBD from us, we are ok with that because our core drive is to educate people about CBD.” They state.

We lie in favor of their cause and drive and hope that Leaf Remedys accomplishes all that it has set out to do. Meanwhile, our good wishes lie with the company and its founders, and we pray that they find success in all their future endeavours.

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