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Lorraine Osorio : An epitome in the hair-stylist industry

A long Island, New York resident, Lorraine Osorio is a woman who has continued to tackle obstacles as a woman in the industry, she continues to put ample contribution in her MLJ Artistry Salon from being a CEO to barber and cosmetologists. Her works are mainly consisting women’s haircuts and colors, men’s grooming, and even offers children’s grooming services. Osorio holds a very welcoming approach towards her work, is a very quite learner and accepts the development factor that accumulates in the business. Being a keen learner, her creativity is a sheer observation through vacationing in other places.
She holds appearances in several showcases and competitions, in which she has won in the freestyle category at the CT Barble Battle Expo in 2015. That following year, she participated in CW’s “Cedric’s Barber Battle’ hosted himself by the star, Cedric The Entertainer. The New Yorker has contirbuted in the Austin City Limits Music Festival, in the year 2018 and 2019 where she showcased her skills on artists.

She looks forward to expand her business supporting a product line, putting together a school and possibly air a haircutting show. She has innovative ideas on forming a networking commune where people from different fields can provide opportunites to one another to serve for the welfare.
A fun fact about Lorraine Osorio is; Osorio was present to ask the former President, Barack Obama and Governor, Mitt Romney a question during their debate in 2012, which comprised of the immigration status of the working sector. It rose to her television appearance which was backed by the sparking interest of the television network, Univision.
Osorio indulges in charity work, where she provides haricuts to people with disabilities once a month. She holds future plans to serve with an organization to help homeless men recieve a haricut for interviews and personal care. Osorio holds a softer side for family, she spends the remaining of her time with her family when she’s not helping or working.
Becoming the opportunist she is today, she has become a brand ambassador for Martell liquor through their barber program “Martellbarbercollectives”

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