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Determined to move to the top in the e-commerce niche and as a brand accelerator is Nick Von.

He is a youngster who has already made his mark in the vast entrepreneurial world through his ventures.

There are a few people who believe in running only behind their set goals and dreams in life, while there are a few others who believe in helping even others succeed with whatever they wish to do in their lives and career. Being a part of the latter category is, of course, more challenging, but a few entrepreneurs, especially youngsters, have done it and how. Their stories of absolute courageousness and confidence have instilled more hope and positivity in other young minds who wish to make it huge like them in their chosen industries. Nick Von is one such young entrepreneur who once was a high school dropout and today is a well-recognized name in the business space.

Interestingly, this young guy, when all of 11 years of age, set foot into the entrepreneurial world, something not all have been able to do his age. He started with the popular game Minecraft, programming servers for them. To keep doing more, he even began with trading while in high school and also created software. He was seen as the quite unusual guy that knew how to turn his ideas into fruition, and that’s how he started gaining much momentum from a very early age.

A certain meeting where he had to fly down to LA changed his life completely, he confesses. Nick Von went ahead and created his company, a full-suite digital firm excelling at email marketing for e-commerce, which so far has helped hundreds of 6-8 figure e-commerce stores and digital product funnels rise high with revenues by 15-35% and zero ad-spend.

Nick Von has also made his name as a brand accelerator who helps companies grow their revenue and sell their equity to interested clients. He did the same with his own company and impressed the industry with his astute business sense and knowledge. is yet another firm of Nick Von, helping his clients, including celebrities and big brands, generating so far over $50 million in sales with the power of e-commerce.

The youngster has also turned towards the music space with his label named “All Praise Records” with Chet Hanks & Armen Dellalian. He has been doing great marketing for the album releases and the company offers other amazing services as well, such as processing, manufacturing, marketing and designing, helping clients to launch their new brands while they can focus on their career.

Is there anything Nick Von can’t do as a young talent? Well, he has aced every business game.

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