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Martel Metellus: the entrepreneur creating a new future for Black talent

Young Black entrepreneur, Martel Metellus, is helping turn today’s Black talent into tomorrow’s most influential leaders. His new platform, Soko, is changing the socioeconomic landscape by providing a space that enables Black talent the opportunity to expand their network and navigate into top tech startups and companies.

Soko is a discovery network for the Black community that enables Black talent to connect, collaborate and find new opportunities. The platform connects Black talent with the resources needed to pursue different career paths in tech that are both technical and non-technical. Moreover, Soko helps its users find other Black professionals and creatives for reasons of both career development and mentorship.

Metellus, founder and CEO, envisions Soko to be the frontier of social talent platforms and change in the way companies operate from a diverse perspective. Metellus is excited about the platform he has built from the ground up, and for good reason. “What we are building will change the entire development process for today’s black talent by providing them with resources and a growth playground to network and accelerate,” says Metellus. Metellus realizes there is a need to “make the room bigger” for Black professionals and businesses, and Soko is doing just that. This virtual hub is providing the Black community the opportunity to come together and thrive through a single social media platform, one that Metellus hopes will propel Black talent into tomorrow’s powerful leaders with influence. Buy Generic Ambien

If one thing is certain, it is that the Black community can go all in on Metellus as a leader. His work ethic has been on display since his days as a collegiate basketball player, his intellect on display through his blog “Mind of Martel” and numerous guest podcast appearances, and his humility on display through his vision of Soko itself. The black community is counting on Soko, and there is none better to navigate this new frontier that Martel Metellus. Provigil online

Follow along with Metellus and the Soko journey today (Instagram: @martel, @joinsoko; Twitter: @joinsoko; You can also download the Soko beta app today on the app store.

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