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13-year-old Instagram marketer from Greece attracts global clients and collaborates with international Influencers

If you have a presence on social media, you might be aware that you only have few seconds to make an impression on your audience. Marketeers know that the root of Instagram marketing is understanding your audience, but mastering and understanding it may take years of practice and experimentation. Nestor Orologas aka “Funs2” is a 13-year-old teen who justifies the saying that age is just a number. Nestor is from Athens, Greece, he has served various clients globally for Instagram marketing at a very young age. For fast 9 months, his focus is on helping clients from the USA and Greece majorly. At a very young age acquiring such high-profile clients and influences from the social media world is itself was a huge challenge for him. Before acquiring any clients Nestor spent a year understanding the dynamics of the social media platform.

Nestor likes to know more about the audience, knowing who they are and where they live, and strategize content based on the data. He believes whether it’s a business or an influencer data of audience is the single most important thing which can help you grow online.

How did Nestor Orologas get into Instagram marketing?

Just like every other kid, Nestor was also curious about gadgets and technology from a very young age. When most kids of his age using the internet and gadgets for playing games and watching videos, he did something different. The most unique quality of Nestor was that he was a quick learner and believed in implementation. It is not common that an 11 or 12-year-old to start a business.

He became a full-time creator and started posting on Instagram on regular basis. Consistently posting quality content and regularly updating himself with the changes in the Instagram algorithm made him grow initially. Growth not only in terms of followers but Nestor grew a personal brand, over time his following grew rapidly. And the guy was able to build an Empire of 500K followers on Instagram.

How did he scale his Instagram business globally?

Nestor’s ability to connect with people on the internet and nurturing a good relationship with them worked out for him. He hand-crafted strategies and applied for his own Instagram accounts, now he was offering them to his clients. With a good knowledge of the algorithm and frequent updates on Instagram, he was able to scale his client’s accounts. Currently, he is majorly e working with US and Greece-based clients and is providing them some unique services and strategies.

What is the secret sauce of Nestor Orologas’ early success in business?

Initially, it was not so easy for his prospects to believe that a 13-year-old kid could scale their business with help of Instagram. Today most of his International clients are coming through referrals, and he is quite ecstatic about it. The influences and the businesses he served in the last 6 months have been able to scale from 5K to anywhere around 60K to 70K followers on an average.

Create unique brand presences

Nestor’s approach is different, he believes in not just building a brand, but like to give a personalized touch. Whether it’s an influencer or a company, humanizing the content and making it appealing to the audience is the key.

Clients servicing and personalization

Nestor builds relationships with his clients and gives equal value to his prospects too. He likes to invest more time in understanding the client’s requirements and absorbing the message they wish to deliver. He believes that perfectly understanding the desires of a prospect is important to build an audience and brand on social media.

Staying updated and embrace learning

The Instagram game is not easy, platform demands you to be informed of the frequent changes in algorithm and app updates to grow consistently. Nestor likes to educate his clients that the strategies may vary in the future. And he believes that whatever is viable today might be absolute tomorrow.

These traits make one of the youngest kids to work with celebrities, reputed brands, and Instagram models. After the USA and Greece, he is looking to expand his business in other parts of the world.

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