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Agent Brent May : Turning the property in paradise in Mexico is an ace real estate entrepreneur

If you are planning for a dream house in Mexico, then Brent May is the one who can help you get your dream place in 2021. Brent is the co-founder and CEO of Bayside company which helped thousands of people get the desired home in a good area.
From a very early age, Brent May was fascinated with the real estate world and, at age 20, had purchased his first property. Since then, he understood his calling; moreover, the trip to Mexico with his wife Erin made them fall in love with Mexico.
Bayside Real Estate helps hundreds of its clients navigate the buying process of land, homes, condos in the Huatulco, Puerto Escondido and Yucatán regions. Brent May today is also known as ‘The Dream Catcher’ for being a highly regarded and valued resource to international investors, making the process of purchase easier and convenient with his expertise in the same. However, there are a few others who take bold steps in choosing to change their lives forever and, in the process, also help others do the same through what they choose to do in their careers. We came across one such high-performing and passionate real estate agent and entrepreneur who hails from Canada but now has made Mexico his home with his wife, Erin.
He feels the market will change a lot in 2021, and in the second quarter, we will see all new buying happening. Great to see an experience agent forecasting good news for the Mexican property market. Since 2009, Brent May serves as the co-founder and CEO of Own Mexico / Bayside Real Estate Huatulco, where he assists people in everything related to real estate, right from investment, buying retirement, to vacation properties and so much more. With Own Mexico, the power couple provides helpful tips, information, etc., to help others who wish to invest in Mexico’s real estate.
His experience and way of working are different and more updated. He provides a host of other services, buyer representation, seller/developer services, vacation rentals, tours, and property management services.
It just feels frustrated when you are in a good spot to buy a house, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything out there. Or if there is, I feel like some of them are rated way too high, and the agents aren’t willing to come down at all. Today many don’t want to move-in ready homes as we all dream of a big kitchen, family room, and huge master room and bathrooms, in short, a classic big house for living.
Planning to purchase a dream home in Mexico? Brent is the one who can help you invest right. Connect with him by

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