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: The media mogul is helping entrepreneurs, individuals and small businesses thrive in
today’s digital world through the power of storytelling.
Liana Zavo is the founder & CEO of ZavoMedia Group, an NYC-based full-service public
relations and digital marketing agency.
People tend to listen to those who know best. When asking for advice, where do they usually
go? The experts of their respective industries. One has to be creative, persuasive and well
informed to become a figure of authority, expertise and influence.
While the traditional pathway demands degrees and certifications that cost valuable time and
money, there are a few alternatives worth trying:

  1. Specialize and niche down.
    Rather than trying to be a jack of all trades, zero in on a specific skill you excel in. You cannot
    please everybody. It takes twice the work, money and time if you choose to serve everyone. As
    you narrow down your prospects, you can better understand and focus on your chosen field. As
    a result, you gain more knowledge and expertise in dealing with every nook and cranny of your
    When your sink is broken or a pipe is leaking, who do you call for help? It’s likely the plumber,
    not the electrician, who comes to the rescue. It is the same for every business. You must stand
    out with your skill set by specializing and micro-niching. The clients who sought my services
    knew that I could deliver what they needed for their business. They wanted someone reliable to
    do the job, and I knew I could provide solutions to their problems. Clients will not hesitate to
    consult and take advantage of your service once they learn you are an expert.
  2. Be a source of valuable content.
    How do you stick out in a sea of competition? You have to position yourself as a professional
    who can provide essential information. This is because people flock to where they can benefit
    best. You establish your authority and expand your coverage as people begin to rely upon what
    you say. You can offer free courses or webinars relevant to your field to entice more curious
    minds. In this way, people will start discussing the value you provide. And as a result, your
    reputation as an expert will increase.
    Before creating groundbreaking content, you have to ensure the validity of your sources. Doing
    extensive research first is crucial to keeping your material valid. Remember that, as an expert,
    the thoughts and opinions you state should be authentic. To make sure I obtained trustworthy

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