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“Master your mind-set and create abundance” with the world’s number 1 female mindset coach Natasha Grano.

We are joined today by Natasha Grano, a celebrity influencer, Mindset Coach and Best Selling Author. Her teachings and knowledge went viral in 2016 when she began to share her personal memoirs of the traumatic experiences she had been through in her life. Natasha’s book The Action Plan teaches you how to use the powerful laws of the universe to attract all you want into your life through actionable steps towards your desires every day. Her story is one of trial and tribulations and how she overcame them with her breakthrough mindset techniques and methods. Natasha grew to become a world-renowned expert in the self-development arena and continues to help millions of people every year improve their lives and achieve greatness and has 2 Million followers on Instagram alone. When Natasha is not preaching daily transformative tips she is busy on her podcast show talking alongside some of the world’s leading speakers and experts such as John Assaraf from The Secret, Grant Cardone from Under Cover Billionaire, Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank to Russell Brunson, the Click Funnels Founder and many more.

Natasha states that her mission is to share her wisdom and teachings with the world that were bestowed on her in here time of need, in order to help others to attain their dreams and overcome both mental and physical struggle too the same way she did. She says ‘Identifying that your life is out of alignment is the first step’.

We learnt speaking to Natasha that when you are experiencing disorder in your life, it is due to several reasons, one of them being not prioritising what is important in life. Such is rooted in the laws of the universe, physics, mathematics, etc. These laws assist the alignment of the mind, body and soul. Natasha informs us how easy it can be to master your life once you learn how to master your mindset. Her top tools such as her MBS Method™️ (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity) have been taught to 5over 1.5 million people and it has a profound positive effect on every area on your life.

‘Firstly, fill your day with your highest priority actions and goals.’

Break these actions down into smaller daily actions, ‘I like to choose 3 smaller goals towards my main goal before I go to bed each evening that I will then target the next day’. No matter how mundane they appear if you do this you will have achieved over 1000 goals a year and you will have an sense of achievement daily. A win, no matter how small or big feels good and the brain starts to recognise this feeling of achievement. The feeling of achievement is what will switch your mindset to an achieving mentality from a scarcity one once you repeat this method. Repetition plays a huge role in neuroscience. Then you build momentum and you expand your space and time horizons.

Ask yourself – what is the highest priority task I can do today to have the most effective impact on this earth? In a way that serves people? What tools and people can I connect with to make a difference in this world?

Living by design and not by someone else’s design is the most fulfilling life! This is what is authentic and raw to you. Natasha says in order to help her clients, she equips them with tools which are highlighted in her book The Action Plan.

‘Don’t be a victim to other people who will diagnose your life for you. Take hold of your life and define it for yourself.’

Natasha uses the analogy of your mind being a Secret Garden, and says plant the seeds now you want to reap later in order to create your own reality. You are the designer of your own garden. It is up to you to fill it with the fruits of; compassion, joy, laughter, enthusiasm, inspiration, love and abundance.

So if that doesn’t get you motivated we don’t know what will! We see why she is nicknamed ‘the female version of Tony Robbins’. If you’d like to find out more about how her MBS Method™️ is helping thousands of people manifest what they want then you can check out her free program here;

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