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Edwin Navarrete : The bacon man shares his crucifixion for managing big artists and burgeoning 6uccess

“My company speaks for itself, you know, we’re a group — we don’t just put ourselves into one genre. I can work with artists. I can work with actors. I can work with models. I can work with diversity so much, but as far as my company is really looking into, is just Latin artists and Hip Hop artists, because these two big genres are coming along together “says Edwin Navarrete.
The work of an artist manager often goes unobtrusive as the hard work that goes into managing artists in the music industry is not prominent , but a lot goes into making it. Who knows this better than Edwin Navarrete who has depleted years in the industry superintend artists. Ask any celebrated artists and they would readily agree that without a publicist, artist manager, or a record label, achieving noteworthy heights of triumph is almost impossible. One would always need a good manager to help their career inch skywards . Out of many celebrated artist managers we have in our midst Edwin Navarrete, who has helped in aggrandize careers of several artists till date.The Navarretr Group is managing MusicByFortune and Megan Alyssa to get his music label 6uccess Records that much required exposure. There are many more trade in with a lot more artists that are in the conveyor and are soon going to see the light of the day. Today his consortium has made its mark in the industry, and he has worked with many artists. The founding father of The Navarrete Group, who govern producers like Lil Mexico and is a PR to Compton’s rapper Azjah, enunciated that he’s helped several artists reach their full prospective


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