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Young entrepreneur Jordan Eldridge and his rapid social media success

Jordan Eldridge, an 18 year old who does web development in his free time, works an in-person job but almost all his income comes from Instagram. He has only been working on Instagram for about a year and in that time he launched his agency (Epsilon Media) and has done $100k+ in deals (over 10k+ every month). His main page has over 200k followers despise getting disabled 3 times in his first year and he grew it from nothing (created December 2019 when he was 17). He wasn’t too interested in Instagram at first but once school shut down (he was a senior in high school) He invested all his time into Instagram spending sometimes 12+ hours a day on phone. 

All of 2020 he invested time into building his page, and managing other pages (he managed 700k+ followers at a time, at most he was growing 10 pages at once) He started doing currency exchanges which helped make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available to people who couldn’t access them due to restrictions.

 He also launched his social media agency which sells growth and advertising Campaigns to clients. He had hired multiple employees to help with his project. He dropped out of college this year to focus solely on his work and recently started developing websites for members of the community. He also has a “beautiful girlfriend” who has “helped him every step of the way”.

He also made many friends along the way, specifically, a group chat that he joined when he was about 10,000 followers called “100k grind” where all taught each other everything they knew and grew together as a team. They all started around the same follower count and today more than half the members are almost at or passing the 200k follower mark. He said that “I would be nothing without my friends and they truly are everything to me”.

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