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Amanda Is continuing to grow her footprint in the industry.

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Amanda X Cannabis is expanding branding reach as the industry is legalizing cross country.

From healthcare to entertainment, women throughout history have been a crucial factor in shaping the world as it is now. And with the world adopting more relaxed and open views for the cannabis industry, women pioneers have been dominating the emerging cannabis business and have been proving that the status quo has been updated on multiple levels.

Amanda Geritano is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by implementing her long-standing expertise in cannabis from growing and exponentially expanding cannabis brands and businesses. With years of experience in the cannabis and wellness sectors, paired with her strong devotion to the advocacy of cannabis benefits, Amanda has successfully founded Saved By Cannabis to help others achieve a better lifestyle not limited to the normal reasons. Amanda has also been the key factor in the growth of some of the most popular and reputable cannabis brands such as KoKoNuggz, Herbarium, and Packwoods.

Saved By Cannabis specializes in providing the highest quality products for every need; from relaxing and chilling vibes to focus and recovery states of mind. Perfectly designed to optimize aspects of your daily life, Amanda has thrivingly grown the business to cater to everyone looking to positively impact their general wellness, lifestyle, and life-altering changes.

This upcoming Tuesday, April 6th Amanda will be going live in a Cannabis themed Clubhouse room. Alongside some co-hosts from the industry as well as some PR & Media opportunities for everyone listening in. It is set to go live at 9 pm EST 6 pm PST and will announce plans for further schedules.

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