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Pranay Vivek Patil is the politician this generation Needs.

Plato once said that one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

Pranay Vivek Patil is the man who refused to be governed by inferiors and now he is the voice of many communities which are considered underprivileged.

The career defining moment for Pranay was when he came back to India after completing his mechanical engineering from Germany. He felt that there is a big gap between the rich and the poor which can only be corrected if the poor could get access to better education and health facilities. His charity work in both these directions has helped these communities of Belgaum a lot.

What makes a man a leader is his ability to communicate, create and solve issues of the people he serves . Pranay is at his best during the worst of times.

When we talked to Pranay, we found that the views he shared with us and his concerns with the farm laws seemed quite legitimate. Pranay who is against Privatisation shared with us that our goal should be long term and it should take care of the farmers who are below the poverty line as they are more prone to corporate exploitations.

We did a little more research and contacted people from Abhaji Foundation to have deeper insights about Pranay’s ideologies and his concerns as a politician.

On asking Prasad Katarki, a reputed businessman and director of Abhaji foundation, he said “Pranay Patil has always raised his hand for farmers and never steps back when it comes to the welfare of farmers.”

While we were talking to him, he insisted that we talk to some small farmers and even they told us that it is only because of Pranay that their standard of living has changed as they have become more optimistic about the future. Pranay’s foundation also takes care of their children’s education and they are looking forward to a great future.

I am really moved by such insights because it is quite rare to see theses things in politics these days . However, India is changing because of a new generation of leaders like Pranay Vivek Patil.

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