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Patrick Corsino An inspiring Entrepreneur

Much of our generation is lost when it comes to their careers. They major in psychology or philosophy in college and find themselves working as an “executive assistant” using absolutely nothing they learned in school . They find themselves buried in college debt, unsure of what they envision their future to be. Not only do they lack the skills companies look for because they were never taught in school, but they have the door slammed in their face due to the lack of opportunities. One entrepreneur has broken through this barrier and found a way to create endless opportunities. 

Patrick Corsino is one of the most successful young digital entrepreneurs. He converted opportunities into action. He kept educating himself outside of school , learning information and skills he still uses today running multiple six figure businesses Constantly investing in

books, courses, and podcasts to learn for professional as well as personal development.

When he was asked about his success he said “ Continuation of learning should be a part of everyone’s life, but it is up to you to make sure you’re learning something valuable. Even from missteps we learn from and about ourselves; you only fail when you stop trying”.The biggest challenge he has faced is going through “The System” that everyone was pressuring him follow. Despite some really big lows throughout his life, much worse than any

business challenge he ever came across, but he never quit. He believed in himself, and

today he has proved his worth.

Patrick’s dream is to be a highly successful entrepreneur and his track record as shown that his knowledge and dedication will lead him to success. Despite being young,his  professionalism and passion is have gained him success as well as respect in the digital field.

Patrick isn’t going to stop here. He says that the internet is a wide world and one can explore as much as they want. If he finds something that matches his interests, he would

venture into it and start working. He enjoys the process of learning and implementing the changes that are crucial for a better tomorrow.

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