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Omski Dropping Next Single “Kids Nxt Door” At Midnight

“Kids Nxt Door” is such a scintillating song with strong musical elements from genres like pop, rap, trap, r&b, soul, and even some doo woop. Omski brings a new hot single that you definitely can’t help but vibe along to. For hip/hop lovers “Kids Nxt Door” would be more like sugar added to honey and for pop and soul music lovers, it would be that new jam with quite a unique feel, life, and energy. With this new hot single, Omski proves that he is way more than just the new kid on the block, he is also the hottest kid on the block.

This song is a blend of everything amazing in music; it is deeply rooted in hip/hop, r&b, and pop. “Kids Nxt Door” is that one song that cuts across all genre lines. It doesn’t matter what you vibe to, “Kids Nxt Door” is definitely going to help you bring up that youthful energy and vibe you might have been suppressing for long now. Omski demonstrates nothing but pure versatility, raw and honest emotions, and above all, that youthful energy and honesty all in this one song.

Although Omski opts for simplicity and straightforwardness in lyricism, he still pushes the fierce message of this song directly to the faces of his listeners without insinuations. In essence, he talks about that fierce and honest youthful energy that is neither longing for validation nor afraid of criticism. He talks about the free-spiritedness of youth in such a way that listeners will only long for youthfulness if they’ve lost it. Omski begins the first line with a powerful but playful statement that says:

“I’m so young, I’m so dumb, living in a world nobody knows us…”

Omski is a young aspiring musician from the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States. He was born in Maryland into a not-very-musical family except for his grandmother, who used to sing and play the piano for him. This was his earliest form of musical education and appreciation. Omski has a twin brother. While growing up, he was more devoted to sports as he had a great love for basketball and soccer. Although he had always had a deep-rooted and burning but unexpressed passion for music, he never really explored the musical aspect of himself while growing up. This was partly because there were not many folks doing music in his family apart from his grandmother who always sang and played him the piano.

Things got really gloomy for Omski when his mom passed away from cancer when he was only 14. For Omski, it was tough growing up without a mom and with a dad who is always traveling around and trying hard to play the role of both parents. For Omski, his greatest goal and inspiration is to make music with no rules, music that crosses all boundaries, and to leave a message behind; a message that will live on long after he is gone. Having had his share of the hard life, he wants to make music that is real, music that talks about the struggle and the day-to-day challenges people face. Music that speaks to the soul either melodically, rhythmically, or lyrically.

Omski’s musical influences include musicians like Lil Uzi, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, Akon, and Kanye West. Also, he makes it clear that he fell in love with hip-hop as a result of listening to musicians like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Biggie, and Akon. Those are his biggest musical influences. According to Omski, 90% of the things he sings or writes about are based on a true-life story. It either happened to him or someone he is very close to. He keeps it 100% real. Before starting music, he danced as a kid and that contributed a great deal to his musical development and appreciation. Omski’s sound is distinct, new, energetic, and all-encompassing. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, or whatever, Omski’s “Kids Nxt Door” will get you vibing wildly or maybe even push you into that rhythm and blues mode.

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