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Ricardo Perez and his mission for happiness.

It seldom happens that one buys clothes online and actually thinks about their investment there. There is someone out there who is on a mission to spread happiness and empower the needy. Some people out there live for good causes when it comes to running businesses. One such businessman is Mr. Ricardo Perez. He can make any person look even more confident and add beauty to their outfit while also making this planet a better world. Based in the United States, his clothing brand is known as- 360 evolve. His venture not only sells wearable goods, but 25% of their earnings go for charity.

Ricardo is a graduate of Modesto Junior College with his AA in social and behavioral sciences and his AST in business administration. He is currently pursuing his BA in business administration, with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship, at CSU Stanislaus. Ricardo is a first-generation Mexican-American and has started as a businessman recently. There are a lot of people that sell clothing and apparel online. The point where Ricardo stands out is that he wanted to build something more significant. His motive behind this venture has been to create an image that will not just motivate people to develop themselves. But will also create the reality they strongly and truly desire. Ricardo says, ” I wanted people to feel good when they put on the clothing and make it have a meaning!!! By donating 25% of all profit to a good cause I wanted people to know that they’re making a change with me and helping people who are in need.”

Ricardo faced a mountain of obstacles while growing up as a first-generation Mexican American. Ricardo’s parents were immigrants and that made him learn about the difficulties of life earlier than other kids. Whether it be his parents being taken away or growing up as a first-gen resident in the US, he has seen it all. The way he overcame this was by acknowledging that he had no power over what was going on and putting his energy into the things he could control. This wasn’t easy as a young child but it made him the person he is today.

We asked him about his vision for the next few years, to which he replied,” In five years, I still see myself learning and applying that knowledge into my life. Hope to start my own charity and have multiple businesses. As well as having my own family and helping others reach their dreams.” It melts your heart when people do such acts of kindness and humanity even after facing oceans of struggle. We truly hope that his business reaches the heights his hard-work deserves.

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