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Nevin Jayawardena is a modern-day Travel Guru

Nevin Jayawardena is a modern-day Travel Guru, taking his talents globally with the help of his business partners in Europe. Possessing an aviation background, graduating from Baylor University with a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science. Nevin learned everything from flying an airplane, memorizing all the aircraft regulations, aircraft management and A-Z about the private jet industry. After struggling with financing finishing his pilot hours, Nevin decided to move to Los Angeles, CA where he started his private jet broker journey. He plans to utilize his knowledge to consult his clientele on the best way to travel on private jets efficiently. He knows to explain to his customers the different safety ratings of various aircraft and their crews, common knowledge to most aviation enthusiasts, from ARGUS Platinum to Wyvern Wingman. These safety ratings give reassurance to the client as he sources for them the highest safety rated aircraft in the market. By following strict safety and security measures he is able to allow clients to travel freely anywhere in the world with peace of mind. His experience has taught him to work well under pressure and resolve all problems whenever there are unforeseen circumstances. From cancellations to mechanical issues, he has learned to deal with some of the worst-case scenarios while keeping his clients satisfied with the service. According to Nevin he states, ” The private jet industry is constantly adapting, with the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen an increase in Private Jet Travel. With the new influx of people interested in this type of travel, I hope to be able to personalize their aircraft to best fit their needs and busy schedules.” He also mentions to his clients the growing trend of the jet card market and how revolutionary it has become. At Global Charter our jet card offers the best hourly rates with a minimum 25-hour commitment, we can source everything from Ultralight aircraft to Ultra Long-Range Aircraft with guaranteed availability within 24 hours of notice. I work with a variety of clients from the Entertainment industry to CEOs of major corporations, I do my level best to find the most unique fit for each client based on their travel needs. If you are ever in the market charter or already get involved in private jet chartering, he looks forward to an opportunity to assist any future clients as their personal executive travel manager! Visit our website at Globalcharter.Com

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