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UNITY, TRUST, BELIEF, DISCIPLINE AND PERSISTENCE | Five Core Values You Need to Turn Scarcity into an Opportunity with Daniel Philip Creative Director and Elvis Samson CEO, ACG India

Anyone can turn a problem into an opportunity. With the shift of the global economy and with the rise of tech, statistics show an increase of various start-ups formed across the globe. There’s no denying that a huge demand for a variety of products and services from consumers have existed even before a global health crisis arisen. Arbitrage has dominated the digital space over the course of a century. Online B2B and B2C models have always flourished in different scopes.

Therefore giving avenues for young aspiring entrepreneurs like Daniel Philip an opportunity to tap into the market as early as possible scaling his start-ups to a profitable business with over eight locations in different countries. It didn’t come easy according to the young businessman, however with first-hand experience in leading multiple sites with multiple CEOs in a massive organization, he has set forth five core principles that his company and community thrives from.

Like all other start-ups, ACG started off small. Five years ago, the company consisted of a team of only five people hustling and grinding every day to hit targets and goals. What Daniel called his “Dream Team”. He rented a small office space in Cebu, Philippines to execute operations in a location that wouldn’t be very ideal now that he’s running a massive company with over 2,000 employees in different locations. As his business expanded so did his network. Travelling to New Delhi for the first time to tap into the Indian market, Daniel met Elvis. A young hopeful and  motivated entrepreneur who also happens to be a Daniel Philip Watch consumer. One of Daniel’s many luxury designer brands that’s now being distributed in India by Elvis Samson CEO of ACG India.

India’s Economy is facing major issues from high unemployment rate, Inflation, a huge demand for commodities all around the country and a lot more. ACG India led by Elvis Samson and his brother Presley Samson in partnership with Daniel Philip Creator and Founder of the organization have made great contributions in turning scarcity in the country into an opportunity. The company is located in the country’s capital, the hub for international trade, New Delhi. Providing avenues of employment for people in metropolitan cities. Elvis says;

“Although, the country is experiencing major issues, one thing I do know is that the Indian E-commerce industry has grown and transformed the way business is done in the country. The market will rise even more by 2026 making it worth billions of dollars in value. That would help the economy rise and help more people feed their families especially in an inflation this high. ACG India in collaboration with Daniel aims to contribute in solving various issues in the country by persistently moving towards expanding areas of the company. Our long term goal is to be able to launch the biggest sales team in India, the biggest logistics and distribution in the Asian market as well as having our own factory to source and make commodities and products for the company as well as for other businesses. Time will dictate but as long as you follow core values every day then possibilities will turn into reality.”

Source (Small Business Trend) shows a small percentage of start-ups that are most likely to be profitable, and others will either break even or continue to burn capital as they move into each quarter. Daniel has always been a creator, maker, designer, problem-solver and innovator. He and his team has persistently tried multiple avenues of growth and tapped into different marketing strategies since the beginning but according to the young businessman, the amount of growth and expansion the company gained over a short period of time would not be possible without these fundamental values him and his organization follows: unity, belief, trust, discipline and persistence.


As your business grows, so does the responsibility that comes with it. Starting a business model is easy, keeping, expanding and making it profitable is the challenge. Daniel is currently partnered with eight CEOs from Philippines, Latvia, China, India, US, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Brazil. All of which handles business operations, finance and logistics.

Having a centralized business structure for everyone is very important in any organization most especially one as large as ACG. Without unity, belief and trust, the community would have a high threshold for chaos and disarray which source CBInsights says a weak founding team is a 23% notable case of which businesses fail. Each country faces different challenges economically, socially, culturally and politically. However, in abiding to the same values, you’d be able to move forward regardless of all adversities.

Daniel says;

“I wake up every morning looking back to the humble beginnings of the company where I’m only leading five people, dancing around with no shoes to our song: We Are the Champions by Queen every time we hit targets. It gives me a great sense of purpose when I think about those moments knowing that the business has exponentially grown over the years and that’s because I believe and trust in my team, what they are capable of and what we achieve together as one community. It’s not easy to manage multiple things at the same time but having a team with one goal that you trust in executing what’s necessary in order to reach that goal is what you need to have a successful business venture. Like with every relationships, personal or business, you got to put in the work that’s in accordance with your principles

It is imperative for a company to run smoothly and efficiently if everyone agrees on the goals and execution process. Ensuring that when implementing any strategy or changes, every member of the team is on the same page which is very crucial in every decision making process. A survey has been conducted from professionals in the workplace and 97% say that a lack of alignment of an objective within teams directly impacts a business.

ACG led by Daniel with over 2,000 employees worldwide understands the need to unify teams in his gigantic organization therefore he conducts daily table meetings with management and CEOS in all aspects of the business. Host bi-weekly company all hands on deck meetings which reminds every one of the overall purpose of the community while learning and connecting at the same time. That’s what ACG is all about. It’s about growing with the people.


In business, every successful story from entrepreneurs always stems from two quality traits; persistence and discipline. Practicing those core values is how you build a great reputation for you and your business. Self-Discipline and persistence instils that patience in the individual.

As a young thriving entrepreneur, Daniel aims to solve problems not just with his clients but also within the organizations as much as possible. He started multiple subsidiary designer brands that’s sought after worldwide, scaling each one to hit margins for all quarters. Brands from Daniel Philip Watch, La Hera, Monteza, Palmpe, Sandflair, Cuzzette, Vonachi, Lavenne, SwimNova, Vente Smile and WearMello are just some of the brands that he created and designed that enables consumers to feel more confident in their own skin which is ultimately the sole purpose of all his creations.

The amount of work you put in is the amount of results you gain and that’s where he practices these fundamental values regardless if he is doing something that he loves or not, there’s no denying that the process gets repetitive and boring. Even after your continued efforts, getting your ROI has a 30% chance of failure but with discipline and persistence, you’ll be one of those 70% that gains as many results as possible.

Atlas Creative Group is not just a B2B and B2C organization, Daniel has made the business more than that. He takes pride in the people in the community that contributed and continues to contribute with the success of the business. A community where all things are possible instilling great practices and values in the workplace. Leading a big community is not a one-man show, there are so many factors that come with that responsibility and that’s why having unity, trust, belief, discipline and persistence are fundamental values that are crucial in maintaining the growth of the business. If you’re looking to learn from Daniel or partner with him to start your own venture or scale your commerce business, be sure to send Daniel a message and get started.

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