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Paying Off – Upcoming Rapper Cash Motivated Looks to Make It Big

With over 36 thousand listeners on Spotify a month, Cash Motivated remains a hidden and talented gem out of South Florida. A loyal and dedicated base of fans have proven to be the difference maker for Cash Motivated. Whether they are showing out for his performances across Florida or are showing love in his comments, his listeners know talent when they hear it.

His unique flow can be found throughout some of his biggest hits “One Stop Shop”, “Flex”, and “Pay Off.” Flowing in and out of rap and hip hop, Cash Motivated proves to be a talented lyricist and creative thinker in maintaining themes throughout his discography. His genius wordplay as an artist is found in nearly every song of his.

His music doesn’t just flow through the veins of his listeners, but it flows into his drip. Cash Motivated has a released line of clothing to match his own personal style of clothing and music into one artistic collaboration. Much of his brand and reputation is centered around money, hence the name Cash Motivated. It is only fitting that his apparel line is called Bag Gang.

Born and raised in Gifford, Florida, a historically poorer community in Southern Florida, Cash Motivated looks to establish himself in the public eye to inspire those from his community and others alike. Even as an upcoming rapper, Cash Motivated is looking out for the younger generation and helping them make a name for themselves.

Cash Motivated can be found flexing his style and vibes all over his Instagram. Whether its cars, cash, or his kids, you can’t deny that this new and upcoming rapper is dedicated to the lifestyle. More music, merch, and motivation from Cash Motivated can be found on his Spotify Cash Motivated, on his Instagram @cashmotivated29 and on his website cashmotivated

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