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STOP using your kids as an excuse!

Ina Orlova well known as on Instagram and her way of thinking about healthy lifestyle. She managed to work fulltime as a manager in High-End Fashion, take care of her kids, work on her Social media and not to give up on herself. 

It wasn’t too long ago that I was always waiting for the ‘right time’ to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle. What I didn’t realise was that life was passing me by anyway and there really is no such thing as the right time. I realised it was now or never. We are always justifying how busy we are as if we are looking for some kind of medal. It’s become a social status and if someone asks how we are, we automatically reply with a sigh and an “I’m so busy”.  Well, busy or not, one thing is certain, life won’t stand still or stop being busy to wait for you to get moving and make time for your health. So, right now seems like the perfect time to start. Stop waiting and just commit to making 2021 your year to make it happen.

It’s not as hard as you think, fitting exercise into your everyday life, you just need to prioritise and plan. I am positive that you can find a minimum of 15 minutes a day and even more on some days. Even on the days where you think it is going to be hard to fit it in, look for opportunities and try your best to make it happen… these are usually the days you need it the most and will benefit greatly from some exercise. And if it doesn’t eventuate, don’t beat yourself up over it tomorrow is a new day with new opportunity.

My favorite tip is to wear your workout gear

Wherever and whenever possible wear your workout gear! You will be surprised how much more inclined you will be to workout, get moving and be more active in general. This really does increase your activity levels. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed about being one of «those» women who do everything in their activewear… embrace it and be proud, it’s a way of life!

Life seems to keep getting busier and we are trying to do more, achieve more, fit more in and be something to everyone. No matter how busy you are, take some time back for yourself to ensure you are keeping fit, healthy and active.

Kids are a reason not an excuse!

Kids don’t need just parents around – they need healthy parents! I also think it’s important to model healthy behavior. It’s easier to get kids to eat healthier when they see you eating healthy. It’s easier to get kids to be active when they see you being active. Parents are a child’s biggest influences in early life, and setting a positive example early on can help build a good foundation for a healthy future. 

You will never have this moment again so do it now!

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