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Meet Danny Duenas, riding high on success with his one of a kind hip hop music application called ‘My Mixtapez’.

The talented man is all about his grit, passion and commitment to promoting the hip hop culture with his app.

Dreaming about a certain aim in life is one thing and going ahead in making the relentless efforts to turn all those things into reality is an altogether different thing. Not many in this world can go ahead in fulfilling all what they dream about, but the ones who do are the those that ignite the fire within them and work towards making the bigger change in their chosen industries. Similar is the life story of one such professional and entrepreneur in the music industry named Danny Duenas, who is the man behind the creation of a one of a kind hip hop application, along with his two brothers Ricky and Juan.

Long have we known about music apps and platforms that offer all kinds of music, but they hardly give much attention, particularly to hip hop songs and tracks, especially the rare gems that people may not find anywhere else. With the aim to bring all these hip hop tracks to the listeners it deserved, Danny Duenas along with his brothers originated the application called ‘My Mixtapez’, which is today growing at a faster speed for its incredible offering in hip hop music as an application that is available on Android, IOS, and Windows.

My Mixtapez is all about impressing hip hop lovers and music connoisseurs with refreshing and new hip hop songs. Danny Duenas thought and believed that it was high-time the music genre and the artists behind the hip hop music gems got the attention it truly deserved. Going beyond offering people with just hip hop music, the co-founder of My Mixtapez also allows users to follow up on the daily music news, which also proves the app’s versatility.

When Danny, Juan, and Ricky started working upon this idea to create the app, people around them mocked them and made fun of coming up with this unusual idea. However, the three brothers were determined enough to make this dream of theirs a reality and be contributors of great change to propel the hip hop industry to the next level through creating their app My Mixtapez. Through their app, all the three are working incessantly to bring the best of hip hop songs to all the hip hop lovers.

My Mixtapez already has over 5.7 million active users, who daily stream exceptional and new hip hop music through this application. Seeing the success of My Mixtapez, Danny Duenas and his brothers are now planning to expand the app to EDM and Brazilian music as well. To know more about My Mixtapez, do follow it on Instagram @mymixtapez and also visit the website,

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