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Bullying Never Stopped Dan James Clarke, The Successful Social Media Expert.

According to the National Centre for Education Statistics, 1 in 5 students, from age 12-18, are bullied every year. Dan James Clarke was one of those people, but he did not allow it to stop him from achieving success.

Dan started on social media when he was just 13 years old. He managed to grow his first Instagram account to over 20,000 followers within a few months of being on the platform. Dan learnt many growth techniques and he used this knowledge to help other people and businesses to grow their platforms. 

Eventually brands started paying Dan to promote them online, he said “I never thought I would be able to do the things I did, it was crazy seeing these brands give me money just to make a post about them. I never had a privileged family with lots of money so it was really amazing to be able to make money so easily in ways I never thought I could.”

During school Dan was victim to major bullying. He says that every day he was scared to go outside at break times, worrying who might hurt him. This bullying went on for years throughout his high school life but he kept his head high and came out the other side a better man. 

“Every day I prayed it would end. I always looked at myself and asked why me? But I could never understand. I suffered anxiety problems as a result, always worrying about leaving my house and who I might bump into. I’m just glad I came out a lot stronger of a person and I can honestly say I am grateful that it happened to me because it made me realise that life is not all fairies and rainbows, it has its tough times but those moments do not last forever.”

Dan became so good at digital marketing that he was promoting for major brands such as TikTok, yubo, fitness coach, wish, Choices and calm app. Now he’s managing artists, models and influencers on social media, bringing quality engagement to their profiles in order to enhance their presence online.

Over the years Dan has enjoyed many moments of travelling. He has been to Switzerland, Canada, France and Spain but his most favourite place to visit was Kenya. In Kenya, Dan did some charity work in order to help the street kids living without families. He travelled to places such as Meru and Kisii, visiting multiple safehouses ensuring the facilities are up to date to enhance their quality of life.

During his time there, they drove around looking for kids living on the streets in order to bring them into the safe house and get away from the control of the notorious street gangs. They managed to bring in a child, who was only 7 years old, and give him a better life. Dan says “this was a very emotional time because I remember all the privileges that I had when I was that age and how little these kids have.”

Dan travelled to the Kibera slums too, the biggest slums in Africa. This slum is notorious for its criminal activities such as prostitution, rape, murder and assault. He said “Seeing a place like this was just unbelievably upsetting. There are so many children starving and without any education. It makes you realise what you have in your own life and learn not to take it for granted.”

Currently, Dan is working on his book about self help and achieving your goals. He aims this book at anyone who feels unsatisfied with how their life is going and looking for change. He hopes to continue being an inspiration for young people around the world who are looking to follow their dreams. 

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