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The Upcoming Rise of Faisal Alenezi: The Young and Talented Entrepreneur

Faisal’s success and accomplishments surpass many due to his young age of only 24. From showing his love of fashion by being the CEO of the successful fashion brand Fifty Karats with the motto being “Make Money Not Friends”; a Real Estate Business Owner in Malibu, California; and also an influencer, he embodies the motto that anything is possible by making the impossible a reality.

Faisal Alenezi has worked his way towards the top since the young age of seventeen. His new and fresh perspective keeps him on top of his game, “I am different from my competition because of my mindset. I am young and strongminded with fresh innovative ideas. Without new ideas and innovation, the future would look the same as it does now. If the future looked the same as it did now, then I wouldn’t be doing my job”. Faisal is also among a new breed of entrepreneurs that focuses on happiness and wellbeing because it will bring success “Always do what makes you happy, because this time will pass. Even if you don’t think something is possible, believe me when I say you can do anything when you are determined to succeed”.

With Faisal’s success, he does not forget about his family and friends that supported him along the way. “A good friend of mine randomly told me this a couple days ago. He said it doesn’t matter where you come from, but who you grow up to be. He secretly wants to be an author, so of course he’s going to sound prolific, but I loved what he said so that’s why I’m putting it out there now.” With new innovative ideas, and projects in the works, Faisal Alenezi is on the rise and one to watch out for.

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