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Reaching the skies with his gambling passion and taking over the corporate world- meet David Alexander Nicholas.

The 25-year-old famous ex-gambler has achieved massive momentum on social media with his viral videos and lives life king size as an entrepreneur.

Year after year we may come across people and professionals from across different industries that bowl over others impressing all of them with their clear visions, sheer passion and the quest to make it huge in whatever they do in life. These individuals are the ones who try and instill the same passion and enthusiasm in others, motivating them to get nearer their definition of success. David Alexander Nicholas is one such young entrepreneur who is going beyond boundaries in the business industries and making it huge in those niches.

David Nicholas is an ex-gambler and has been a famous one at that. He hails from Australia and is known across the field as The Captain Davo. Borin in 1993 in Adelaide, living a life that could offer him the best luxuries of life was something that he always dreamt about. This dream of his took him towards the world of gambling, where he went ahead to garner a lot of fame, name and money, transforming his life from an ordinary boy from the neighbourhood to becoming a high-performing gambler.

However, to do something even in the corporate world, he reached a comfortable position in the sales and marketing sector and is the corporate director for a national powerhouse in Australia. He always believed in the idea of thinking big in life. Hence, he decided to put his talent of gambling on social media, becoming The Captain Davo as he is known as across social media platforms. His YouTube breathes a growing number of followers and subscribers, where almost all his videos have gone viral.

Even after facing a bit of backlash, David Nicholas went ahead in gambling earning massive amounts where today his lifestyle consists of Porsche 911 Carrera GT3. By showing his gambling exploits on social media platforms, the youngster exponentially grew his presence online. He even streams live on a Facebook page, Lords Of Blackjack, a few days in a week and also uploads the highlights of the same on his channel on YouTube.

Today, David Nicholas is focusing on making it huge in the world of entrepreneurship as well, where he has a clothing line and a consultancy business to his credit. Even after facing criticism from people, this young gambler created a lifestyle of his dreams through his passion and even ventured into the entrepreneurial world as a true blue professional, sculpting a lifestyle that others may crave for.

To know more, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @thecaptaindavo.

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