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Meet the popular social media influencer and star – Juris Bruvers.

Juris Bruvers is a 17-year-old social media entrepreneur who has garnered great recognition and followers in a short span of time.

The world is filled with people who run behind achieving overnight success. They think that achieving success faster can help them get nearer their goals and visions in life faster, not realizing the fact that all those stories that have been created from scratch are the ones that attain long-lasting success, which go ahead in inspiring others as well across the globe. The constant boom in the digital space, especially in the social media platforms proves this kind of talent born every day and how they bring about revolutions in the space. One such name who has been creating revolutions in the social media space is Juris Bruvers, from Riga, Latvia, who at only 17 years of age has already created a massive momentum in the industry as one of the youngest social media influencers and entrepreneurs.

Social media, more than any social platform has gradually turned into a marketing platform, believes the youngster who says that it has given endless opportunities to influencers and entrepreneurs like him to take brands, businesses and people to greater heights of success by improving and growing their visibility and presence online. The success that Juris Bruvers enjoys today can be attributed to his early start in his career. He began when he was all of only 14 years and turned his passion for playing video games into making videos about the same and putting it across the social media platforms. What started as only a fun activity soon got transformed into his profession, as he saw how people loved his videos and how gradually the engagement increased on the online platform through his video content.

He started doing promotions for $1 and learning through the process and getting better each day reached $10 in his earnings. This early success encouraged him to dive deeper into the field and create his unique niche. As days passed, more and more people started liking, sharing, and commenting on his video content, which increased his posts’ overall engagement. This allowed Juris Bruvers to turn into a social media influencer, sharing and promoting the ideas and visions of brands and people and helping them gain greater followers and visibility through the same. So far, he has worked with numerous other influencers and through his astute social media skills has expanded his reach and follower base in a short period.

The youngster also credits his success to Vera Von Monika and Nicolas Corsaro, who has been like a guiding light to him, influencing him on his path to reach greater success.

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