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Being the best version of himself: Michael Brian’s creativity and positivity helped him become a successful musician, recordist, and producer.

Michael Brian’s spiritual connection with his listeners exponentially resulted in his rise in the music industry.

In the vast world of music, it is extremely crucial for aspiring musicians to be the best version of themselves. A great musician possesses the virtue of incorruptible art along with taking calculated risks, something renowned musician Micheal Brian has aced. Michael Brian found his love for music in his childhood and since then, has passionately followed his dream. At just 16, he signed a record deal to produce music, thereby dropping out of high school. His dedication, hard work, and creativity helped him elevate his art. At just 18 years of age, he was living in New York City, extensively producing music.

As he grew in the music industry, he imbibed the skill of Aloha – which is about finding peace within yourself. Michael Brian believed that incorruptible music is created if the mind is at peace. He self-reflected and exponentially rose his stock in the industry. At 31, Michael Brian now owns the biggest independent recording studio in Los Angeles and has worked with artists like Chris Brown, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Gunna, to name a few.

He enlists some attributes young musicians must learn to succeed in the cut-throat industry. They are:-

Don’t compromise your values: Aspiring musicians must stick to the values they have learned and never compromise on it.

No shortcuts: Michael Brian believes that there is no success without hard work. To attain success, artists must possess the mindset of working relentlessly hard with vigor and dedication.

Never give up: Michael believes that being positive and having a never say die attitude helps artists survive in the highly competitive entertainment business.

Take calculated risks: Michael Brian believes that artists must find a balance between taking brave and foolish risks. They should take calculated risks by thinking on all the aspects of taking a decision regarding their work.

Michael Brian inculcated the work culture of having an open-door policy for his team. He welcomes suggestions and maintains friendly relations with his team. His music connected with the listeners, making him garner more lucrative projects. The spiritual connection he developed with his listeners compounded his rise in the music industry and his selfless leadership has made him evolve as a robust entrepreneur, musician, recording executive, and music producer.

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