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Mr.1NF1N1TY- A name who has created his own unique ways of training, adding superhuman component to athletes, changing the entire world of fitness.

Mr.1nf1n1ty’s products are designed to give optimum results and are guaranteed to bring out the fit you for sure.

Mr.1nf1n1ty aka Derek Williams, who has spent most of his life playing pro basketball and after experiencing many injuries, realized that something must be changed in the fitness world. He is 42 now and has trained top athletes of the world including NBA, NFL, and Olympic athletes. During his fitness journey, he focused on his own energy and creating longevity in the body. Having worked for ATG for 3 years, he has given many customized programs to achieve good health and fitness. Now, no longer with ATG , he is more focused on developing his own brand. He is creating unique ways of training the mind and the body through his online platforms and shares his ideas on the changing world of fitness, by writing articles about methods of fitness and mindset. Mr.1nf1n1ty believes in developing cognitive abilities and balance and talks about challenging your own body and potential by maximizing your abilities. Being an epitome of fitness, he strongly believes that the body should be built pain-free, flexible, and balanced. The“disrupting fitness” programs that are designed by him completely reshapes the mind and body.

Mr.1nf1n1ty is in his 40s but his body performs far better than it did in his 20s. This is the result of his consistent hard work and dedication he puts in his work of training and fitness. Famous athletes and models talk about the way their body has transformed and how they attain a balance after being trained by Mr 1nf1n1ty. His websites are a platform for displaying all fitness programs and products developed by him for creating the healthiest and fittest version of yourself. Mr.1nf1n1ty is planning to dominate the world of fitness through his fitness products and scientifically developed disrupting fitness programs. He has already created his name amongst respected and well-known trainers of the world.

You can reach out to him through social media platforms @mr1nf1n1ty on Instagram and through his websites and

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