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A report reveals Alibaba facial recognition technology could pick out Uighur Muslims.

Amid reports of China forcing millions of Uighur Muslims into concentration camps, Alibaba’s face recognition tech could detect Uighur Muslims if they are live-streaming a video.

Key points:

1. A US-based IPVM report says that Alibaba’s facial recognition technology, being misused by China on Uighur Muslims.

2. Cloud Shield of Alibaba could facially recognize Uighur Muslims if they live stream on the website.

3. China has been accused of forcing more than 1 million Muslim Uighurs into concentration camps.

China breaching privacy of Uighur Muslims, with Alibaba’s facial recognition technology, reveals a report:

A new document claims that era large Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has facial reputation era, which could especially select out individuals of China‘s Uighur minority. Surveillance enterprise researcher IPVM’s document comes as human rights corporations accuse China of forcing over 1 million Muslim Uighurs into exertions camps, and get in touch without companies suspected of complicity.

Alibaba’s new software was tested to keep surveillance on Uighur Muslims:

US-primarily based totally IPVM in a document posted on Wednesday stated software program able to figuring out Uighurs seems in Alibaba’s Cloud Shield content material moderation carrier for websites. IPVM stated the point out of Uighurs withinside the software program disappeared close to the time it posted its document, and that Alibaba advised it the function has handiest been used “in a checking out environment”.

Alibaba facial recognition tech specifically picks out Uighur minority -  report

The Cloud Shield software could identify Uighur Muslims if they live stream on its website: 

Alibaba describes Cloud Shield as a machine that detects and acknowledges text, pictures, videos, and voices containing pornography, advertisements, politics, and spam, and verifies, marking, violent terrorism, custom configuration, and different capabilities. If a Uighur live streams a video on an internet site signed as much as Cloud Shield, the software program can locate that the person is Uighur and flag the video for evaluation or removal, IPVM researcher Charles Rollet advised Reuters.

China has denied allegations of forcing Uighur Muslims into concentration camps:

Contrary to those findings, China has time and again denied forcing absolutely everyone into what it has known as vocational education centers, and has additionally stated the area of Xinjiang is beneath danger from Islamist militants.

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