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Nike Japan’s diversity ad lands in controversy.

Highlighting the touchy issue of racism, Japanese customers said that they don’t need Nike to remind them of the social issues, threatening to boycott the film.

Key points:

1. Nike’s advert that highlights racial discrimination gets criticized in Japan.

2. Nike’s controversial advertisement garners over 25 million views and 80,000 shares.

3. Japanese people say they don’t like foreign people to remind them about the discrimination in the nation.

Racism-highlighting advert of Nike faces backlash in Japan:

Nike is going through a backlash in Japan over an ad that highlights racial discrimination withinside the country. The video indicates the “real-existence experience” of 3 younger football players of combined heritage. It has approximately 25 million perspectives on social media and nearly 80,000 shares.

The outdoor brand’s highlighting the racism issue, not needed by Japan, say critics:

It has sparked intense debate as Japan is unaccustomed to overtly discussing touchy problems including race, with a few thinking whether or not an overseas logo ought to have waded in. Nike Japan stated the advert highlights how human beings conquer their day by day struggles and conflicts to transport their destiny thru sports.

Some customers in Japan have threatened to boycott Nike:

But a few feedbacks on social media stated Nike became exaggerating the dimensions of discrimination, arguing that it became unfair to unmarried out Japan. Other customers threatened to boycott Nike products. However, there had been additionally effective feedback approximately the advert, titled “The Future Isn’t Waiting”, for highlighting the problem of racism. Morley Robertson, a half-Japanese, half-American journalist, stated that many Japanese do now no longer want to be informed throughout outdoor voices to alternate their ways.

Nike's diversity advert causing a backlash in Japan

Nike isn’t the only brand to misunderstand the Asian culture:

Nike isn’t always the best Western logo to return beneath neath hearthplace for now no longer know-how Asian cultures and client behavior. Last year, the luxurious French brand Dior became criticized for the usage of a map of China that did not include Taiwan. Taiwan has been self-dominated because of the 1950s; however, Beijing’s reputable coverage is that the island is a Chinese province.

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