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China introduces new export rules amid the tech war with the US.

To protect the nation’s security and army men, China introduced new export guidelines and limited exports of some objects.

Key points:

1. China limits exports of some items, amid the tech war with the US.

2. Trade tensions between China and US have catapulted the tech war.

3. China’s regulations will impose fines up to $760,000 for any export which violates the rules.

China adopts tit-for-tat trade strategy with the US:

China has brought hard new legal guidelines which limit the export of “managed objects”. The regulations generally cognizance of the export of army technology and different merchandise that would damage China’s countrywide security. The export controls are broadly believed to be in reaction to comparable movements through the US. TikTok, Huawei, and Tencent are a few of the casualties of Washington’s Chinese generation crackdown.

Tech trade conflict between the US and China has escalated:

There are issues the brand new regulations, which got here into impact on Tuesday, ought to expand the continuing change conflict with the US. Trade tensions among the world’s largest economies commenced in 2018 however have ramped up this year. President Donald Trump‘s management has brought govt orders towards various Chinese companies arguing they might proportion information with the Chinese government.

TikTok Talks Could Face Hurdle as China Tightens Tech Export Rules - WSJ

China says the new export guidelines are to protect its national security:

China’s new export legal guidelines are a response to the escalation of the tech battle and it is China seeking to cowl its personal advantages, stated Alex Capri, traveling professor at the National University of Singapore. The Export Control Law establishes numerous classes of “managed objects”, which consist of nuclear, army objects and “dual-use” objects that may be used for each civilian and army purposes.

Fines up to $760,000 will be levied on export rules flouting transactions:

The regulation additionally covers objects which can be taken into consideration crucial to the safety of China’s countrywide security. Exporters have to practice for a license to export any object indexed on a manipulate listing or difficulty to transient controls. The regulation imposes consequences of ten instances the cost of the offending transaction up to $760,000 (£569,000).

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