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Meet Djeffson Athis, a classical high-powered businessman who’s helping entrepreneurs to grow their business with his 6-week coaching program.

Growing and expanding a business is every entrepreneur’s goal, but not everyone has the correct strategy to do it, but Djeffson Athis’s 6-week program is designed to help grow all sorts of businesses.

Djeffson was born on September 3, 1987, in Haiti, a country in the Caribbean. Djeffson was an ambitious guy from a very early age, he was always inclined towards the business and marketing industry. Sales, Marketing, Funnels, Leadership are the fields that interest him. He has come a long way from his days selling ice cream in Haiti to a successful businessman who has helped to build two 7-figure businesses in Brooklyn, New York. He is the Founder of Athis Enterprises, a hybrid strategy and creative firm that combines both marketing and sales. They help businesses to grow their customer base with the help of well-trained staff, astounding promotional tools, and unique insights that formulates the best solutions for potential customers. Djeffson says “I help small business owners to scale their company to 7 Figure, consistently and predictably using Facebook ads and funnels so they can generate a steady stream of quality leads and profitable sales”.

Recently Djeffson has Announced the Launch of his 6-week Coaching Program, designed to help grow all types of Businesses. This 6-week coaching program is said to be ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their business exponentially. As an experienced and successful businessman, Djeffson himself teaches budding entrepreneurs, how to expand their business through his coaching program. Presently, Djeffson has helped many young entrepreneurs to grow their brand with the help of exact strategy, system, and template he uses in his 6-Weeks coaching program. His client testimonials and positive feedbacks have somewhere helped him expand his brand.

Any business owner that is ready to go to the next level should consider enrolling for his 6-weeks coaching program. Djeffson is a man of integrity and great skill. His persistent approach has created a strong trust between him and his various clients. For more information about Djeffson, please visit:

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