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Boris Johnson addresses MPs’ anger to avoid a Commons rebellion.

UK Prime Minister wrote that the three-tier COVID restrictions will end on 3rd February, and stated that things may return to normal before Easter.

Key points:

1. COVID tier system to have a sunset expiry date of 3rd February.

2. Boris Johnson writes to Tory MPs, making them understand the repercussions of the tier-system.

3. Isle of Wight, Cornwall, among the few areas which will be placed under the lowest tier of restrictions.

Boris Johnson addresses MPs to avoid rebellion:

England‘s new Covid tier device has a “sunset” expiry date of three February, Boris Johnson has advised his MPs in a bid to save you a Commons rebellion. The modern lockdown ends on Wednesday, and lots of Tory MPs are sad with the toughened levels to update it. MPs will vote at the device on Tuesday, with Labour not sure on its stance.

No normalcy before Easter, says Johnson:

In a letter to his MPs, the PM stated guidelines will be eased in December, MPs ought to vote once more in January, and the tier device ought to lead to February. And writing one after the other withinside the Mail on Sunday, Mr Johnson stated he believed Easter could mark an “actual danger to go back to something like existence as normal”. He warned, however, there could be “disastrous consequences” for the NHS if the authorities did now no longer introduce the brand new tiered device whilst lockdown ends.

Brexit vote result: MPs block Boris Johnson's bid for general election as  Government fails to get majority

99% of England put under high or really high restriction tiers:

England’s new device will see areas located in one in every of 3 levels: medium, high, and really high. In total, 99% of England will input the very best tiers, with tight regulations on bars and eating places and a ban on families blending indoors. Only the Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly and Cornwall can be withinside the lowest tier.

Tier-system to end in February:

Mr Johnson wrote to them outlining a timeline of whilst – and how – the tiered method will end.

• Regulations have a “sunset” clause – or expiry date – of three February.

• Tiers can be reviewed each week, and regions can flow down the levels from sixteen December.

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